Discover Your Benefits

We can’t pretend to offer the same benefits as Google or Facebook, but we do provide excellent working conditions with the best team in the decarbonization industry!



Since its inception, Akonovia has opted for telework and we manage to collaborate well despite the distance … not to mention the time zones!

We have colleagues in Toronto, Algiers, Montreal, Sherbrooke, Alma, and Quebec. And all these fine folks manage to communicate and work together every day! Some prefer to work 100% remotely with their cat, while others prefer the hybrid work-from-home-and-office formula. Working conditions are flexible, depending on the responsibilities and expectations for each position and role in the company.

Laptop and phone
Reimbursed telework costs (up to $800 per year)
Hybrid concept combining telework and office work, in a coworking space
Flexible working hours to promote work-life balance
Reimbursed annual membership fees, for the OIQ or other engineering body
Continuing education according to your needs, interests, and job requirements.
Group RRSP
3 days of personal leave in addition to your regular vacation
Team activities (AkonoFun) providing an opportunity to have fun, far away from your files (BBQ, 5 à 7, Christmas party, escape room, hiking…)
A relaxed workplace atmosphere. Enthusiastic colleagues who are genuinely fun to work with.

Our offices

Today, Akonovia has two offices where you can meet up with colleagues when you’re craving a little human interaction or tired of your home decor. With the growth we are currently experiencing, an office in Toronto will be opening imminently to create even more collaborative opportunities.